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Marketing ConsultingMarketing – Helping you achieve the competitive advantage

By outsourcing your marketing you can reduce your overheads and maximize your expertise. Our skilled marketing consultants will provide fresh ideas and initiatives working with your team to energize and develop your marketing strategy to help you achieve your short and long terms goals.

Marketing with REACT allows you to utilize our experience without the cost of recruitment, enabling your organisation to focus on your core business. Our solutions are flexible delivering the required level of resource to your organisation.

Our marketing team offer a broad range of services within our portfolio including:

  • Planning
    Review your previous marketing activity; research your competitors, your client base and your market. Develop a strategic plan, which is difficult, if not impossible to copy, delivering a clear and consistent message about your brand, product or service. Develop KPIs. Implementation of marketing strategy involves helping your business grow, achieve the highest return on investment and regular reviews. Continued review and research into your own competitors on-going activity, ensuring you keep the competitive advantage.
  • Social Media
    Social media marketing must become part of all companies’ overall marketing strategy. Raising brand awareness and improving customer service are just two of the reasons for adding social media to your arsenal of marketing tools. In a fast changing space, you need experts monitoring the new features and benefits of emerging social media platforms.
  • Collateral
    Help you create collateral such as Case Studies, Press Releases and White Papers on your product or service which can be posted onto your website.

All these components are vital in effective marketing.

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